Capt. Howie tells about Hawaii Catamaran Weddings

Beautiful views of Hawaii Catamaran Weddings

Weddings at Sea

Captain Howie offers 2 very different options for his Hawaii wedding venues at Sea. The most popular is his “Hawaii Sunset Weddings at Sea” package. This includes a 2-hour private charter on a world-class sailing Yacht, along with the marriage ceremony.

Tying the knot under-sail is a great choice for those couples romantically attracted to the sea. Being the most isolated island chain on the planet, our crystal clear Hawaiian waters are literally unsurpassed. Having your Hawaiian wedding performed while cruising along in our heavenly island paradise always inspires profoundly meaningful metaphors. For example, Capt. Howie explains that marriage can be seen as the greatest voyage of all, navigating the celestial waters in the sea of love. However, be ye forewarned – sometimes the sea can become unpredictable, and from time to time the winds may blow a gale. But in either case, we must always stay the course and know that it often takes an “all hands on deck” effort to navigate the vessel of marriage safely through this Divine Sea. Capt. Howie says it is important to always remember that trying times are not necessarily a bad thing. For it is often said in the world of mariners… “Smooth seas do not make seasoned sailors”!