Capt. Howie speaks about Pukalani Falls Garden and Hobbit House

Photos of Pukalani Falls Garden and Capt. Howie’s Hobbit House

Pukalani falls garden and Hobbit house

The private and exclusive Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden is without a doubt our most popular location for Hawaii weddings. This is especially true when we combine it with the spectacular white sand beach of Angels Bay. These two locations are so close you can literally toss a coconut from one to the other.

Capt. Howie’s Hobbit House is comfortably tucked right in the tropical landscaping of Pukalani Falls. This Alice and Wonderland location is so out-of-this-world, the Home and Garden network HGTV flew to Hawaii to feature it on their national program. In fact, they spent eleven hours filming for a 5-minute show. Check it out for yourself.

Friends and family won’t believe the photographs and videos of your Hawaii wedding shot at Pukalani Falls. They will insist you must have been in heaven. Unlike the beach, which certainly has its own beauty, Pukalani Falls Garden offers very soft lighting that flatters skin tones and lends itself to amazing portraiture. Additionally, the garden is well protected from the breezes of the beach, which is sometimes distracting in intimate photography.

The Pukalani Falls has a private dressing cabana for the bride and great facility for the groom as well. Therefore, you need not worry about anything for your dream Hawaiian wedding.

Pukalani Falls flows the same 12 months of the year. Unlike most of Hawaii’s waterfalls that require a long muddy hike and are visited by many tourists, Pukalani Falls Garden is completely accessible my a 2-minute walk down a lushly landscaped trail lined with stepping stones and quaint wooden bridges.

When you combine Pukalani Falls Garden and Angels Bay for your Hawaii wedding venue you’ll have the option of having your ceremony performed in the garden by the waterfalls or on the beach at Angels Bay. If you’re not sure ahead of time which one you want, that’s no problem. You can make that decision right to the last minute. Sometimes that’s a strategy for Hawaii weddings because you never know exactly what the conditions will be like at the beach… especially mid-October thru mid-May.