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I just wanted to say thank you to Captain Howie and all his crew.  They did an exceptional job of making our wedding the most spectacular event and memorable experience we could have hoped for.  Everything was perfect. You all made sure of that, and it truly showed!

Our photo album and video will keep the memories alive; they did not miss any of the excitement we felt on our wedding day.  The video doesn’t just show the ceremony, but every step we made from the time we arrived – so awesome!  I especially like the part where it shows me walking through the cottage door, unveiling my new look to my husband-to-be.  It’s impressive what Wade can do with a brush in his talented hands when applying makeup and styling hair.  His work was truly art!  I never felt so beautiful!

The photographer, Piloni, not only sent us a wonderful book of our pictures, but also gave us the digital files to print as many copies as we want.  We were able to email pictures to all of our family and friends, and post them on Facebook.  I was even able to post on my Facebook page so everyone can view my pictures there as a slideshow.  How cool is that?

Captain Howie truly cares about making your Hawaii wedding real and personalizes it to your own beliefs. His words will stay close to our hearts forever.  He even adds special touches of humor.  The giggles throughout our video are a delight to see and replay over and over.  It was truly a wedding that would not put your friends and family to sleep.  Everyone wanted me to play it again.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been to and seen many weddings and most would put you to sleep.  There are none I’ve wanted to hear a second time!

Captain Howie, you have an amazing team!  Your caring attitudes will never be forgotten.  Again, thank you and God bless!  I will certainly recommend you guys to everyone out there who wants an amazing, storybook Hawaiian  wedding!

Patti and Greg Moore

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