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Katy and Ray Perkins - Gig Harbor, Washington - Hawaii Beach Wedding - Hawaii Weddings

Aloha to all,

After much searching, we found Above Heaven’s Gate on the Internet. Interestingly, our friends also used their services and were thrilled. From the moment we called, and Captain Howie personally answered the phone, we knew this was the place for us. Captain Howie and his staff were delightful each and every time we spoke.

Our Hawaii beach wedding ceremony at Angel’s Bay was even more beautiful than the pictures on their website. Captain Howie spoke from his heart. We had a most perfect and intimate wedding, in a truly magical setting.

So much of our special day was due to Captain Howie’s exuberant spirit that permeated our ceremony. It was so wonderful how he included our daughter and other guests in the wedding. Everyone commented how he couldn’t have been more perfect or poignant. We told him that we wanted a very relaxed and casual event; that was exactly what we were given. Capt. Howie spoke directly from his heart.  His words were totally extemporaneous. We would definitely recommend Captain Howie and Above Heaven’s Gate again… a million times over

We want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to this wonderful, spiritual man and everything he brought to our blessed Hawaiian wedding!

Katy and Ray Perkins

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