Capt. Howie tells about Catamaran Weddings

Some beautiful view of Catamaran Weddings

Capt. Howie Extreme Catamaran Weddings

Capt. Howie’s Catamaran wedding adventures definitely fall into the category of, “Not for Everyone”. Notwithstanding, Capt Howie says of the vast variety of Hawaii weddings he performs, this is by far the most fun. If you’re looking for a wedding in Hawaii that is way out of the ordinary, or just plain outrageous, this could be for you. If that is the case, picture yourself sailing with Capt. Howie aboard a sporty little catamaran with beautiful rainbow colored sails, voyaging in crystal water, navigating around coral reefs, passing by the original Gilligan’s Island, and off to a distant secluded beach or offshore island. This is approximately a 20-mile roundtrip journey. Your friends and family may think you’re crazy, but when they see your photos and video, they’ll be amazed… and so will you!