We are extremely confident that anyone looking to book a wedding at Above Heaven’s Gate will be as pleased and happy as we are.  Capt Howie and his team made sure our day was everything that we wanted and more. Unless you know the island well, we recommend the limo. The driver promptly picked us up at our hotel in Waikiki, and we had an enjoyable ride to Capt. Howie’s place.  Once there, an assistant took me to have my hair and make up done while my husband relaxed in the most beautiful surroundings of Capt. Howie’s back yard. The hair and makeup artist, Wade, is very friendly and interesting. He kept me entertained with stories that soothed my nerves. And, by the way, he did a fantastic job. The photographer, Piloni, also did a fantastic job! When I first saw our pictures, I was taken back wondering if that was really us. Piloni was very flexible and took every pose that I wanted. He was very patient working with us old people with frozen smiles. Simply put, he made us laugh!  We were also very surprised to receive a coffee table book of our pictures.  People that we have shown it to can’t believe how beautiful our pictures are! Capt. Howie is the most remarkable human being. Never before in our lives have we met a man that radiates so much love!  We could feel it in our hearts. His interpretation of God and the soul were so powerful!   Capt. Howie truly is the most wonderful, caring person I have met in a very long time. His ceremony was very touching.
This is the place to be married if you want no stress.  Everything was done as we wanted, with just a simple phone call and a few emails. Pukalani Falls Garden is beautiful, the beach is spectacular, and Capt. Howie and his staff are the warmest and most accommodating people. If you are eloping or planning a small wedding, Above Heaven’s Gate is the place to be! We highly recommend this service and location to anyone.

Warmest regards,
Barb and Martie DeGeer

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