Capt. Howie speaks about Angel’s Bay Beach

Photos of Angel’s Bay

Angels Bay Beach in Hawaii

Angels Bay, also called Waimanalo Bay, was officially ranked America’s Most Beautiful Beach. The golden-white sand contrasted with the turquoise ocean water makes it the ideal location for Hawaii beach weddings. The reason the water is so turquoise is because Angels Bay is only about 10-feet deep. This depth extends to about a mile off shore where the bay meets a coral reef. Thus, as the Hawaiian sun reflects off the white sandy bottom, the water literally becomes turquoise, chartreuse and emerald green. Photographers come from all over the world to photograph this most picturesque beach.

Unlike many of Hawaii’s beaches, Angels Bay has very gentle surf. So your romantic beach wedding in Hawaii will certainly include walking barefoot along the surf-line, with your ankles in the water. Angels Bay is located on the east end of Oahu, roughly a 25-minute drive from Honolulu. Honolulu is a popular place for Hawaii weddings, but we really don’t recommend weddings in Honolulu. At Angels Bay you will be well way from the pack. You’ll be out in the country – where you’ll swear you’re in heaven… and you really are!

Almost anytime of the day at Angels Bay is great for a Hawaii beach wedding. Most popular is late morning, mid-day or later in the afternoon. This is the time when the colors are most vibrant. A a result, your Hawaii wedding photography and Videography will be out of this world.